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Enterprise Transformation

The CHEMARK Enterprise Transformation Practice is designed to be holistic in its approach to assisting in Enterprise success. Our Practice ranges from fine-tuning currently successful enterprises to a broad more far-reaching fundamental alignment employing proven, proprietary  methodologies in the process. Our products are uniquely designed to accomplish significant results in a shorter time frame than other systems. They include Corporate Governance; Strategic Planning; Operational Planning; Organizational Alignment; Human Resource Alignment and Leadership Development Programs. The following details the CHEMARK offered Products, their Benefits and a Description of the process. We always start by understanding your goals through our Executive's Assessment.

Product Name Benefits Brief Description

Executive’s Assessment

A clear understanding of how you view your current situation with recommendations for going forward.

Ensures attacking the right problems in the right order.

In a low stress, private conversation, you respond to open-ended, customized questions. We will:
  • Capture and sort your answers
  • Shine a light on some of the uncomfortable areas
  • Share our experiences and stories with similar issues
  • Provide a written recommendation and discuss options with you

Corporate Governance

Improve results by adapting the governance model of the most successful companies to your unique business / culture. We will guide you through implementing five, interwoven activities that will keep you on top of all critical items throughout your business. Once in place, you and your staff will have better control of your future and more time for working ON your business.

Succession Planning

Ensure the business survives the loss of a key individual. Ensure business continuation by crafting an individualized transition plan for the CEO or other senior executive. Focuses on meeting the requirements of the business and the individual involved.

Strategic Planning

Develop actionable plans that your company can implement instead of a book of (good) ideas that rests on the shelf, gathering dust. Define the steps to achieve your goals by:
  • Using the knowledge of your organization to identify and prioritize alternatives
  • Developing consensus on the chosen approach(es)
  • Establishing doable action plans

Operational Planning

Implement major initiatives with higher quality and financial results. Best practice models bring the expertise of literally dozens of experts to help you with initiatives in:
  • Full business plan development (suitable for raising capital)
  • New product concept assessment
  • New product introduction
  • Sales strategy
  • Pricing strategy

With our guidance for moving forward; step by step.

Organizational Alignment

Identification of the most critical areas for improvement with a plan for implementation.

Over 90% of change management efforts FAIL. OUR SUCCESS RATE IS 100% using this methodology.

Combine best practice models, insightful analysis, superior meeting facilitation, your knowledge of your business / industry, and our broad experience to get started improving your business results in less than 6 weeks.

Best practice areas include:

  • Board Governance
  • Board Business Direction: with or without the CEO
  • CEO and Executive Staff
  • Executive Staff without the CEO
  • Employee Perceptions
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Value Chain or Supply Chain Alignment

Human Resource Alignment

Raise the quality of your human assets and watch your business prosper.


  • Better fit for requirements
  • Lower turnover
  • Proven development plans
  • Identification and development of high-potentials
Assessment and support of candidates for key positions and succession planning.
  • Leadership Potential
  • Leadership Challenges
  • Values
  • Decision-Making Maturity

Leadership Alignment Assessment (360° Analysis)

  • Operationally oriented (vs. traditional behavioral approach)
  • Includes Mentoring Program

NOTE: Assessments should not be used as the sole criteria for any action. Management judgment, interviews and other traditional processes should be employed as well.

Mentoring Programs

Accelerate careers and grow leadership potential.

Every graduate has had a significant promotion or been considered for one.

There are three Mentoring Programs, each with different features and price points:
  • Wizard
  • Apprentice
  • Initiate

Every Program has three phases:

  • Personal Discovery
  • Foundation Setting
    • Miller Leadership Model™
    • Miller Leadership Toolbox™

Leadership Development Program

Raise the leadership skills of your entire management team (supervisor through executives) in just 12 months.


  • Better and faster decision-making (everyone speaks the same language)
  • Individual improvement based on their current skills level
  • Exposure (and then facility) with multiple leadership and business models
The program includes:

Personal Discovery (from the Mentoring Program)

Foundation Setting (from the Mentoring Program)

Three workshops spread out over nine months, covering the following broad topics:

  • Leadership
  • Strategy
  • Management

Plus, customized, individual improvement plans


Get the support you need, when you need it, in the way most useful to you. Programs fully customized for your situation.


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