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Adhesives, coatings and specialty chemical formulators and suppliers utilize the Business Strategy consulting experience of CHEMARK to position their product offerings in the adhesive, sealant, coating and specialty chemical supply chain.

Mergers and Acquisitions Group has expertise in the adhesives, sealant, coating and specialty chemical market areas. This helps clients to quickly assess what acquisition or divestiture strategy fits with their unique position as a resin or specialty chemical supplier, formulator of adhesives sealants or coatings or as a end user.

The Enterprise Transformation Practice practice complements the strategic consulting and Mergers & Acquisitions areas by providing unique pathways to organizational effectiveness improvements required to implement the chosen strategy. 

CHEMARK Consulting conducts industry studies. Read about the latest study in the Marketing Research section of this site.

Our uniqueness ... lies in the synergy derived for our clients in the overlapping skills and knowledge of the practices CHEMARK offers. The overlapping business practices broaden the vision we can project for our clients.


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