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U.S. Paint & Coatings Industry Market Analysis … 2006-2011


The CHEMARK Consulting Group, Inc., a 33-year old firm concentrating narrowly on the coatings, paints, adhesives, sealants and specialty chemicals industries, was commissioned by the National Paint & Coatings Association in 2007, to develop the 6th edition of its U.S. Paint & Coatings Industry Market Analysis … 2006-2011.

The primary research required six months for CHEMARK to complete but it is now finished and the study is available for purchase in either or both hard copy and/or interactive CD ROM.

The Table-of-Contents and ordering procedures are available for your review, but here are a few salient points about the Analysis for you to think about:

  • The database is a combination of over 250 current primary “real world” industry expert interviews plus U.S. Census data.

  • 31 major market segments plus many additional sub-segments plus five Special Topics are addressed in this 628-page document.

  • Within each segment, a global perspective was applied assuring the impact on the U.S. growth and market participation from other world regions was considered.

  • In CD ROM form, the charts and graphs are user friendly, allowing the reader to convert into table formats with just a click.

  • Graphics are sharper and quickly understandable.

  • Projected growth rates and forecasts to 2011 and beyond.

  • Extensive analysis of supply chain management and the impact of trends and issues in major segments along the chain.

  • By ordering through CHEMARK, ˝ day of consulting is made available to provide in-depth understanding of the Analysis.

  • This analysis is designed to be a companion in all phases of your considerations… from product introductions to new market entry … it will be a solid guide.

  • Finally, the Analysis is both a strategic planning tool and a tactical and should be a companion in your planning, going forward.

Read the table of contents and learn more about how to order.


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