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10th Annual Coatings Industry Report


The CHEMARK Consulting Group of Southern Pines, NC takes a unique view of the U.S. Industrial Coatings markets over the next five to 10 years. The overall annualized growth rate for the five years starting with 2004 and ending in 2009 is estimated to be no more than 2.4%. Some declines are expected in some of the 114 segments studied due to shifts in supply chain, focus on new value propositions and base end-use geographical location movements.

In its 10th Edition of the U.S. COATINGS INDUSTRY study CHEMARK estimates the U.S. Industrial Coatings market consumed 264 million dry gallons and 470 million wet gallons in 2004 In its 9th Edition of the U.S. COATINGS INDUSTRY study, CHEMARK was very accurate with its projected growth & trend dynamics of 109 segments studied through the year 2000. CHEMARKs 10 th Edition, covering 2004 through 2009, is therefore, launched from a solidly credible base.

CHEMARKs 10th Edition analyzes coating consumption by the ten major technology systems: solvent based high solids, solvent based low solids, two-component low solids, two-component high solids, two-component water low solids, two-component water high solids, emulsions, water soluble, powder, and radiation-cured.

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